The Winner of the Hazarts Trophy for Community Supporter and Booster of the Year Is Jacob Weishaar



Jacob Weishaar is a man who is known and loved by all in the neighboring cities of Arvada and Westminster, Colorado. He is the owner and operator of  Westminster Lawn Care, one of the oldest and most highly regarded lawn care services in north Denver.

And he is also a community supporter and booster who works without end for the welfare of those around him.

He is a founding member of the Arc Thrift Store chain, which does so much to bring reasonably priced items to those of limited means.





He is also a founding member of Flowers for Grandma, which is an organization in which volunteers bring flowers donated by flower shops to shut in old ladies who have nothing to look forward too.

And in addition to all that, he is a founding member of the Arvada Community Garden Club, which provides plots of land for the landless, in which they can grow anything their heart desires.

Jacob was born in Westminster, Colorado, the place where he has spent his entire life, in 1945. He was the first son and third child in the family of Klaus and Mildred Meriwether, a well-known doctor in downtown Denver.

As a young man, Jacob was not good in school, which was a big disappointment to his father—who wanted him to attend medical school and become a doctor just like himself.

But though he wasn’t good at intellectual studies, Jacob had an amazingly green thumb. He could make anything flourish and grow.

He spent his high school years mowing his neighbors’ lawns, and working in their gardens, making everything green and golden. His fame as a gardener spread so far and wide that eventually people in Arvada were calling him and asking him to mow their lawns and cultivate their gardens from him.

After he graduated from high school, he started Westminster Lawn Care, a company that now has more than fifty employees and a name for excellence unmatched throughout the entire greater metropolitan area of Denver.

It gives all of us at Hazards Candy & Nuts to give the trophy for Community Supporter and Booster of the year, 2016, to Jacob Weishaar.